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A female post-secondary student

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a Transfer Advisor

So, you've decided on at least one school you might want to move to – exciting!

Your next step is to get in touch with a Transfer Advisor at the school(s) you might want to go to. Transfer advisors can help you navigate the unique transfer processes each school has, and direct you to the most up-to-date forms and deadlines.

Find a Transfer Advisor

Search for a school to which you are interested in moving to learn about its specific requirements and processes.

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Things to Keep in Mind



Most schools require:

  • An official transcript from your current school
  • Course outlines for the courses you want to transfer
  • Additional forms


Some schools:

  • Only provide transfer credit assessment after you've accepted admission to the school
  • Others automatically assess credits upon application
  • Besides applying for transfer, you also have to apply for acceptance into the new program. Apply through: 

    Indigenous Institutes:


Some schools:

Charge a fee for transfer credit assessment and/or the actual credit transfer