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High School


A group of post-secondary students

A High-School Guide to Postsecondary Transfer

Planning for postsecondary?

+ Worried you might pick a program or school that you end up not liking?

+ What if you want to go to university, but you're not sure you're ready yet?

+ What if you don't get into the program that you want? 

Transfer might be your answer.


Transfer allows students to move from one program or school to another without having to start from scratch.

Transfer is a part of the postsecondary experience for thousands of Ontario students.

65,000+ students

The number of postsecondary transfers in any given year in Ontario!


Top reasons students transfer:

Change of interest or career goals

School no longer a good fit for personal or financial reasons

Gain access to a program or school they didn't initially have the grades to get in