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St. Lawrence College

Transfer Advisor

Jenny Lauten, Pathways Coordinator 
(613) 544-5400 ext. 1423


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  • Check out the following resource to learn more about credit transfer at St. Lawrence College:

  • The minimum grade required to transfer a course to St. Lawrence College for certificate, diploma and advanced diploma programs is 60% or “C-“, or the passing grade for the St. Lawrence College course, whichever is higher. For degree programs, the minimum grade required is 67% for core courses and 60% for non-core/breadth courses.

    Please note that students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Business Administration collaborative programs follow Laurentian University’s credit transfer policy.

  • St. Lawrence College awards transfer credits, advanced standing, and exemptions in recognition of previous learning.

    • Transfer Credits: awarded for courses completed at other accredited colleges and universities, on the basis that the learning outcomes are equivalent and current to the courses within the students’ program of study.
    • Advanced Standing: awarded for competence acquired in a variety of ways including formal programming and through practical experience.
    • Exemptions: a broader academic assessment than transfer credit awarded in recognition that the course requirement is waived through academic assessment and testing or assessment on prior academic achievements.
  • The amount of transfer credit you can receive is defined by St. Lawrence College’s academic policy. The policy states that at least 25% of credits must be completed as a registered student in the program from which you wish to graduate at the College. A maximum of 75% of courses for numerous programs can be achieved through PLAR, transfer credit, advanced standing, and/or exemptions. Some programs may have additional residency requirements related to accreditation, licensing or credentials.

  • St. Lawrence College will consider courses completed within the past 5 years for transfer credit, unless noted otherwise by the Program Coordinator.

  • STEP 1: Research

    • Contact the Pathways Coordinator at The Pathways Coordinator will advise about the process to complete the PLAR, fees involved, and timelines. You will then be directed to your program coordinator to determine if PLAR is appropriate given your specific background. 
    • Review the course outline for the course you are interested in challenging through PLAR.
    • Complete the PLAR Self-Assessment Form to assist in identifying your skills, knowledge and abilities against the course learning outcomes and help you make an informed decision about pursuing PLAR. 


    STEP 2: Application 

    • Once you have completed the Self-Assessment Form and feel comfortable with the Course Learning Outcomes, you can fill out the PLAR application and attach your Self-Assessment Form.
    • Email confirmation regarding PLAR eligibility will come from the Pathways Coordinator sent to your student email account. The processing time for applications and documents is up to four weeks.
    • Once your eligibility is determined, the PLAR fee will be added to your student account ($122.28 per course), and you will be enrolled in the PLAR course. Payment is required before proceeding with the assessment process. 

    STEP 3: Assessment

    • The Pathways Coordinator will connect you with the assigned PLAR Assessor for each course. The PLAR Assessor will determine the evaluation method required. 
    • For portfolio-based assessments, follow instructions provided by the PLAR Assessor and review the PLAR Portfolio Assembly Guidelines to begin compiling your portfolio.
    • For challenge-based assessments, follow instructions provided by the PLAR Assessor and complete the assignment or exam.
    • Submit your assessment no later than two months after receiving assessment instructions from the PLAR Assessor. Electronic submissions can be sent to and will be forwarded to the PLAR Assessor.  

    STEP 4: Achievement

    • Once the assessment has been evaluated, you will receive results from the Pathways Coordinator to your student email account. 
    • The grade will be added to your transcript. If successful, you will achieve the college credit!
  • A PLAR assessment at St. Lawrence College costs $122.28 per course application. This fee is generally higher for work placement/clinical experience.

  • Transfer credits and advanced standing will be recorded on your St. Lawrence College transcript with a grade of "T" and exemptions with a grade of “EX”. Transfer credits, advanced standing, and exemptions contribute to graduation requirements but will not be included in GPA calculation.

  • Contact the St. Lawrence College Transfer Credit Specialist to discuss your credit transfer inquiries:

  • Familiarize yourself with St. Lawrence College’s official credit transfer policies:

  • Follow these steps in order to receive your transfer credit assessment at St. Lawrence College:

    Visit our Transfer Credit Application Form webpage here:

    1. Review this list of previously assessed and approved external transfer credits. For previously approved courses, we only require the official transcript and application (course outline not required).
    2. You will need to provide all supporting documents at the time of your application or you could be asked to resubmit. Do not apply if you do not have all your documentation ready.
    3. Fill out one submission per course. Do not submit for multiple courses on one submission. 
    4. Application communication will be sent to your student email account.
    5. Pay the applicable fee once advised.
  • A transfer credit assessment at St. Lawrence College costs $25.00 per course up to a maximum of $100.00 per submission, which will be charged to your student account. The fee is non-refundable.

  • The documentation required to have your previously completed postsecondary education assessed for transfer credit at St. Lawrence College includes:

    • Official transcript(s) 
    • Course outline(s) 
    • International credential evaluation (WES or ICAS) for courses from non-Canadian institutions.
    • Completed online External Transfer Credit Application Form
  • Complete the online application form at St. Lawrence College:

  • Transfer credit applications can be submitted two weeks prior to the semester start date and no later than the 10th day of classes. If you apply by the deadline, and the credit is approved, the course being replaced will be removed from your transcript. If you apply after the deadline, but before the academic penalty deadline, then a “W” (withdrawn) grade will be applicable for the course being replaced. If you apply after the academic penalty deadline, then an “F” (fail) grade will be applicable. The transfer credit can still be used to satisfy graduation requirements.

  • Processing time for transfer credit applications is approximately 2-4 weeks. Please remain enrolled in requested transfer course until a decision has been made, if approved, the course will be dropped from your academic enrollment.

  • A transfer credit decision cannot be reviewed/appealed at St. Lawrence College. However, students with denied requests will be provided with the reason why their request was denied. endeavours to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding credit transfer; however, changes and updates to transfer opportunities happen on an ongoing basis. Students MUST check with the institution directly before applying to any program.