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Lambton College

Transfer Advisor

Matt Abercrombie, Pathways Research Coordinator


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  • Check out the following resource to learn more about credit transfer at Lambton College: 

  • Review the admission requirements for all programs at Lambton College:

  • The minimum grade required to transfer a course to Lambton College is a "C".

  • View Lambton College's credit equivalencies database and articulation agreement opportunities:

    Credit Equivalencies Database

    Articulation Agreements (login required)

  • Lambton College awards advanced standing and equivalencies in recognition of previous learning (

  • The amount of transfer credit you can receive is limited by Lambton College's residency policy. The policy states that at least 25% of credits in a program of study must be completed at the College.

  • All currency considerations at Lambton College are dependent on the course and program in which you are enrolled.

  • Follow these steps in order to receive your PLAR assessment at Lambton College:

    • Students requesting PLAR do not need to be enrolled in a Lambton College program, but must demonstrate that through life experience, non-formal study, or work and training experience they have the background to undertake PLAR.
    • The assessment of learning will be undertaken by a content-expert Lambton College faculty member. 
    • A grade and credit will be awarded only if the student demonstrates sufficient current learning as determined by the faculty evaluator.
    • The grade for a course earned through PLAR will be recorded on your transcript.
  • A PLAR assessment at Lambton College costs approximately $85.35 per course challenge (

  • Transfer credits will be recorded on your Lambton College transcript as "TC" and will not be included in GPA calculation.

  • Contact a Lambton College Transfer Advisor to discuss your credit transfer inquiries:

  • Follow these steps in order to receive your transfer credit assessment at Lambton College:

    • Print a copy of your transcript from your institution's portal.
    • Use the Credit Equivalencies Database on our website to see if we have approved any transfer credits from your previous institution.
    • Use the Transfer Institution drop box to select your institution and select Go. Check your course codes against those listed in search results.
    • If you have a match, complete the application form and in the comments box please write "already approved transfer credit." 
    • If no matches exist, complete the application form and attach course outlines for every course you want to transfer (course descriptions are not accepted). We also need your college or university transcript(s). If you ordered a transcript to be sent to Lambton College, in the comments box please write, "transcript is on file." Scan and electronically submit your application form, transcripts, and course outline(s) to the following e-mail address:
    • SDV-1001 - College Orientation: If you have had a successful year at college or university, you may be eligible for advanced standing in SDV-1001. If you have this course on your schedule and meet this criterion, complete the application form and in the comments box please write "previously attended college or university and request an AS in SDV."
    • General Electives: If you have graduated from an Ontario college or university with a diploma, advanced diploma or degree, you will be eligible for transfer credit for any or all open general electives in your program. Complete the application form and in the comments box please "Ontario college or university graduate and request transfer credits for open general electives."
    • It is important that you remain in class until you are notified about the outcome of your credit request. For more information visit:
  • There is no fee required for a transfer credit assessment at Lambton College. If students are asked to send transcripts, a fee of $12.00 will be charged per copy.

  • The documentation required to have your previously completed postsecondary education assessed for transfer credit at Lambton College includes: 

    • Official transcript(s)
    • Course outline(s)
    • Completed 'Transfer Credit' application form
  • Apply to transfer credit at Lambton College within the 10-day drop/add period for the current semester. 

    Students can apply for transfer credit at any time; however, they are advised to check the withdrawal deadlines to ensure that they avoid disappointment. If interested in learning about Lambton College's deadlines visit: If interested in learning about OntarioLearn deadlines visit:

  • Transfer credit decisions at Lambton College are dependent on when your documents are submitted and faculty availability.

  • A transfer credit decision can be reviewed/appealed at Lambton College by contacting the Counselling Office and booking an appointment. endeavours to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding credit transfer; however, changes and updates to transfer opportunities happen on an ongoing basis. Students MUST check with the institution directly before applying to any program.