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Carleton University

Transfer Advisor

Rob Finlayson
(613) 520-2600 x 1781


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  • Check out the following resource to learn more about credit transfer at Carleton University:

  • The minimum grade required to transfer a course to Carleton University is a passing grade; however, certain degrees only award transfer credit for courses with a grade of "C-" or higher.

  • View Carleton University’s credit equivalencies database and pathway opportunities:

  • Carleton University awards block credit, direct equivalencies and generic credits in recognition of previous learning.

    • Block Credit: a group of courses awarded for which there is no one-to-one credit evaluation. The courses in a block represent the total learning that has taken place in a particular diploma.
    • Direct Equivalence: a course is given an exact equivalence to a Carleton University course.
    • Generic Credit: a course may be assigned a generic credit. For example an English course taken at another institution may be given an evaluation of ENGL 1XXX. This means that the course is equivalent to a first year university level English course but does not correspond exactly to any of Carleton University’s first year English courses.
  • The amount of transfer credit you can receive is limited by Carleton University's residency policy. The policy states that at least 5 credits (3 in the major/3000-level for an Honours degree and 3 in the major/2000-level for a General degree) must be completed at the University. In addition, to be eligible for graduation with any degree with a concentration, specialization or minor, at least 2 credits in each concentration, specialization or minor must be completed at the University.

    The minimum number of residency credits for students in the B.Eng., B.I.D, B.I.T. and B.A.S. Design program is half of the total number of credits required for the program. The residency requirement for B.A.S. students not in Design is the standard minimum of 5 residency credits at graduation.

  • Carleton University will consider all courses for transfer credit, regardless of currency.     The appropriate Faculty will determine if transfer credit is granted for courses not recently completed.

    The credits presented at graduation that are credits completed at Carleton University after admission, credits completed at Carleton University within the past ten years for which advanced standing has been granted, and credits completed as part of the University of Ottawa exchange or another formal domestic or international exchange, must include: i. For Honours degrees, at least 3 credits in the major and at the 3000-level or above; ii. For Combined Honours degrees, at least 1.5 credits in each major and at the 3000-level or above; iii. For Major degrees, at least 3 credits in the major and at the 2000-level or above; iv. For General degrees, at least 3 credits in the major and at the 2000-level or above.

  • Follow these steps in order to receive your PLAR assessment at Carleton University:

    • Students wishing to challenge for credit should inquire at the Registrar's Office and provide documentation to support the challenge.
    • If the academic department, after an interview, is satisfied that the student has adequate experience and learning related to the course in question, it sets an appropriate examination.
    • If the student is successful in the examination, the course is credited to his or her academic record. Not all courses offered at the university are open to challenge for credit. Students seeking more information should contact the Registrar's Office (
  • A PLAR assessment at Carleton University costs $205.75 per credit and the fee is non-refundable.

  • Transfer credits will not be recorded on your Carleton University transcript and will not be included in GPA calculation.

    Students admitted to the University with transfer credit will receive a transfer credit report with a list of the transfer credits they will receive. Students will also receive an academic audit, which shows where the transfer credits are used in the degree and what credits remain to be completed. The report is also available to students through their Carleton Central Portal.

  • Contact a Carleton University Transfer Advisor to discuss your credit transfer inquiries:

  • Familiarize yourself with Carleton University’s official credit transfer policies:

  • Follow these steps in order to receive your transfer credit assessment at Carleton University:

    • In general, students who have studied at a Canadian college or university will automatically be assessed for advanced standing credit without formally requesting or petitioning for transfer credit.
    • Exceptions to this are students entering Engineering. These students must petition for credit and provide detailed course outlines (syllabi).
    • Students seeking transfer credit for courses taken outside of Canada must provide full course outlines (syllabi) for a transfer credit evaluation to take place.
    • In all cases, students must request all transfer credit at the point of admission. However, we know that sometimes course descriptions and outlines can be difficult to obtain. As such, students have up to one year from the date of admission to submit course descriptions and request transfer credit. After that date, requests for transfer credit will not be accepted.
  • There is no fee required for a transfer credit assessment at Carleton University.

  • The documentation required to have your previously completed postsecondary education assessed for transfer credit at Carleton University includes:

    • Official transcript(s)
    • Course outline(s) may be required
  • An application form is not required at Carleton University. Applicants who have previously attended a postsecondary institution are automatically assessed for transfer credit. Applicants with courses from outside Canada are required to submit full course outlines (syllabi) for an assessment to take place.

    Exceptions to this are students entering Engineering. These students must petition for credit and provide detailed course outlines (syllabi). In all cases, students must request all transfer credit at the point of admission (

  • Transfer credit is automatically assessed at Carleton University. Students must disclose all previous postsecondary education (transcripts) upon submitting their admissions application. All required supporting documentation should be submitted in accordance with the deadlines associated with your program and semester of admission.

  • Transfer credit decisions at Carleton University are generally provided with your offer of admission.

  • A transfer credit decision can be reviewed/appealed at Carleton University by contacting Admissions Services. If you received either no credit or a generic credit for courses you have taken at a previous institution you may appeal to have the course reassessed. Information on how to appeal a transfer credit evaluation is found at the bottom of your transfer credit report. You may only submit this petition if you have new and detailed information about the course that was not presented during the first assessment. endeavours to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding credit transfer; however, changes and updates to transfer opportunities happen on an ongoing basis. Students MUST check with the institution directly before applying to any program.