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Algoma University

Transfer Advisor
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  • Check out the following resource to learn more about credit transfer at Algoma University:

  • The minimum overall average required to transfer a course to Algoma University is 2.5. An overall average of 3.0 ("A" or "B") or higher will receive an increased amount of transfer credit.

  • View Algoma University's degree pathway opportunities:

  • Algoma University awards block transfer credit in recognition of previous learning. In all cases, the number of transfer credits awarded depends on receipt of the completed diploma program, length of the program, and final GPA.

  • The amount of transfer credit you can receive is limited by Algoma University's residency policy. The policy states that at least 1 year/30 credits (normally the last year/30 credits) must be completed at the University, with the exception of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), which requires 2 years/60 credits (normally the last 2 years/60 credits) be completed at the University.

  • Algoma University will consider all university courses for transfer credit, regardless of currency. In addition, diplomas completed 5-7 years prior to the creation of an articulation agreement will be considered under current agreements.

  • Follow these steps in order to receive your PLAR assessment at Algoma University:

    • All applicants requesting course recognition through the RPL process must meet with an Advisor to review the process and determine if an application for assessment should be completed.
    • If an application for assessment is completed, the applicant will be required to pay an assessment fee. This fee is non-refundable.
    • The applicant will then be required to submit a portfolio which needs to contain detailed documentation which articulates the learning acquired through work and life experiences. The portfolio must describe the learning achieved from prior experiences and verify the learning through documentation or proof. It must show equivalence to the learning outcomes relevant to postsecondary education.
    • An Advisor will continue to provide guidance and support to the applicant throughout the information gathering process. Once this is complete and the portfolio is ready to be reviewed, the Advisor will liaise with the Facilitator to begin the assessment process.
    • The process will begin with an examination of portfolio by the Advisor and ARP Committee, followed by an applicant interview with the Advisor and ARP Committee. The Advisor will then meet with the Assessor(s) to determine course recognition credits (non-equivalent credits, if any), and the applicant will receive in writing the decision from the Office of the Registrar on behalf of the ARP Committee.
    • If course recognition is granted, the Advisor will update the student record and issue a Statement of RPL credits awarded. The Committee's decision is considered to be a final decision but in the case where the applicant files an appeal under exceptional circumstances, the Committee will meet and further discuss the appeal. In the event the appeal is not granted, the decision will remain final.
  • A PLAR assessment at Algoma University costs $200.00 per course and the fee is non-refundable.

  • Transfer credits will be recorded on your Algoma University transcript as "T" and will not be included in GPA calculation.

  • Contact an Algoma University Transfer Advisor to discuss your credit transfer inquiries:

  • Familiarize yourself with Algoma University's official credit transfer policies:

  • Follow these steps in order to receive your transfer credit assessment at Algoma University:

    • Credit recognition is decided by the Algoma University Office of the Registrar for each individual student based on official transcripts. Upon application, the Admissions Office will review a student's transcripts and provide the student with a conditional transfer credit assessment showing which courses they will need to graduate from the degree program.
    • Upon graduation from their diploma program, a final official transcript is required to confirm the student's acceptance and transfer credit into the degree program.
    • The student will receive personalized advising on course selection.
  • There is no fee required for a transfer credit assessment at Algoma University.

  • The documentation required to have your previously completed postsecondary education assessed for transfer credit at Algoma University includes:

    • Official transcript(s)
    • Course outline(s) may be required
  • An application form is not required at Algoma University. Applicants who have previously attended a postsecondary institution are automatically assessed for transfer credit.

  • Transfer credit is automatically assessed at Algoma University. Students must disclose all previous postsecondary education (transcripts) upon submitting their admissions application. All required supporting documentation should be submitted in accordance with the deadlines associated with your program of study and semester of admission.

  • Transfer credit decisions at Algoma University are generally provided with your offer of admission. The offer and transfer credit decision are conditional on the Office of the Registrar receiving your final official transcript.

  • A transfer credit decision can be reviewed/appealed at Algoma University by addressing the Senate Committee on Academic Regulations and Petitions through the Office of the Registrar. endeavours to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding credit transfer; however, changes and updates to transfer opportunities happen on an ongoing basis. Students MUST check with the institution directly before applying to any program.