FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following FAQs are provided to help you use the ONTransfer.ca website. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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Q. Who develops and maintains ONTransfer.ca?

A. ONTransfer.ca is developed and maintained by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer, a not-for-profit organization funded by the Government of Ontario.

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Q. What can the ONTransfer.ca website do for me?

A. ONTransfer.ca gives students information on how programs and course credits may transfer among postsecondary programs in publicly funded colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes in Ontario. How you use the site depends on who you are:

  • High School Students/Graduates

    High School Students/Graduates
    For high school students and graduates, this site can help plan a postsecondary route. This route may start in one program and take you into another program at a different institution as you advance through your studies.

  • College Students/Graduates University Students/Graduates

    Postsecondary Students/Graduates

    For postsecondary students and graduates, ONTransfer.ca provides an interactive guide to established transfer routes among programs and institutions. Students can search ONTransfer.ca for course-to-course and program-based transfer options into institutions across Ontario.

ONTransfer.ca also provides a comprehensive guide on transfer information and policies for all postsecondary institutions in Ontario.

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Q. What type of search is right for me? Program or Course-to-Course?

A. If you are a high school student or graduate, you should search for program transfers to find the most efficient routes to your goals.

If you are a postsecondary student or graduate, you can search for:

Transfer Tip: Some pathways do not require you to complete your credential before applying to transfer.

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Q. How do I apply to a college, university, or Indigenous institute in Ontario?

A. Transfer students can apply through the following websites:

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Q. How do I apply for transfer credits?

A. Each institution has different processes for transfer credit applications. Before applying, review transfer details on the institution profile, connect with a transfer advisor, or contact us for more help and information.

Along with the application, most institutions require additional documentation to transfer. These documents can include:

  • an official transcript from your current institution,
  • a course syllabus or outline if you want a specific course transferred, and
  • additional documents, forms, portfolios, or performance assessments.

Some institutions may:

  • charge you a fee for transfer credit assessment and/or the actual credit transfer;
  • provide transfer credit assessment only after you have accepted admission to the institution; and/or
  • automatically assess credits upon receiving your application.

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Q. Who provides the information for ONTransfer.ca?

A. Information about program pathways, course transfers, and Letter of Permission credits are provided directly by the Ontario postsecondary institutions you are searching for.

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Q. Does ONTransfer.ca include all transfer pathways available?

A. There are many transfer opportunities available across Ontario, and we work to capture as many as possible. If you are having difficulties finding a pathway or course transfer that is related to your studies, please contact us so that we can help you!

If there is no information for a particular program or institution, credit transfer may be possible on a case-by-case basis. Please consult the institution's transfer policy and connect with a transfer advisor at the institution.

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Q. Does a transfer pathway guarantee my admission to a program if I have the prerequisites and meet the admission requirements of the pathway?

A. No, admission is not guaranteed. Transfer pathways outline eligibility for admission to a program, but admission spaces are often limited. The institution may select students from among the pool of applicants.

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Q. How do I compare several institutions when considering pathway transfer opportunities? What should I look for in making my decision or choice?


  1. Check out our Pathway Search to find transfer opportunities.
  2. Use the "Filter by" search function to enter your current credentials, as well as any programs, credentials, and/or institutions that you may be interested in transferring to.
  3. Review filtered information and select/highlight pathways you would like to compare.
  4. In the top right and corner of the tile selections, click "Compare" to see a summary of important program details.
    Select one pathway and click "Details" (in the top right corner) to review expanded pathway details.

Important program details to review include:

  • eligibility,
  • program residency requirements,
  • amount of credit transfer, and
  • length of time to complete the program.

You should also consider geographic location and other qualities of institutions to ensure your choice will be a good fit.

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Q. What if I register at an institution and I do not get the transfer credit I am expecting?

A. If you have questions about your transfer credit assessment, connect with a transfer advisor at the institution. They will be able to advise you on the institution processes for review/appeals if necessary. If you are not sure who to contact, we may be able to help you find the right person. Contact us for help about your transfer-related questions.

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Q. What about transfers from private Ontario colleges?

A. ONTransfer.ca contains transfer information on Ontario's publicly funded postsecondary institutions only. Please contact individual private colleges and universities for details on transfer opportunities for their programs. You can contact the admissions office of Ontario's public colleges and universities for more information.

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Q. I’m still exploring programs and careers–where should I start?

A. A good place to start is with the website for the Ministry of Colleges and Universities of Ontario or the Government of Canada.

You can also visit the career centre at your secondary school or local library. Consider a General Arts and Science postsecondary program at an Ontario college.

If you're an adult learner and want to complete upgrading before you enter postsecondary education, visit Ministry of Colleges and Universities of Ontario: Adult Learning or contact your local school board.

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Q. I’m a Canadian resident with postsecondary credentials from another country–what are my options?

A. You are eligible to apply to any postsecondary institution in Ontario. However, your credential may need to be evaluated to meet admission requirements. Visit cicic.ca for information on credential evaluation in Ontario.

See "How do I apply for transfer credits" for additional steps.

Transfer Tip: Ontario colleges and universities offer some bridging programs designed for internationally educated professionals. Visit tcu.gov.on.ca for information on these programs and possible financial assistance.

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Q. I’m a resident of another country and would like to study in Ontario–how do I start?

A. Start with the Government of Ontario website and learn how to apply for study permits, visas, and employment in Ontario. The Canadian government also offers information on studying in Canada at cicic.ca and cic.gc.ca

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Q. I would like to transfer from an Ontario college to a degree program in another province or country. Can ONTransfer.ca help me?

A. The ONTransfer.ca program pathway search does not include information about transfers from Ontario colleges to degree programs in other provinces or countries. However, many course transfers to Athabasca University can be found within the search. Contact us for more details.

Interprovincial Transfers

Most provinces in Canada have a service like ONTransfer.ca. Find their links here:

International Transfers

Many international institutions will have transfer information available on their admission websites. Explore your options at www.ontario.ca/page/study-abroad.

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