Résumé du parcours


ID du parcours
Nom du parcours
Social Service Worker to Social Work
Date de dernière mise à jour du parcours

Renseignements sur l'établissement d'origine

Établissement d'origine
Seneca College
Discipline / Division
Éducation, services communautaires et services sociaux
Domaine du programme
Services communautaires/à l'enfance/d'éducation à l'enfance/d'intervention
Nom du programme

Renseignements sur l'établissement de destination

Établissement de destination
Trent University
Discipline / Division
Arts, beaux-arts, sciences sociales et lettres et sciences humaines
Domaine du programme
Services communautaires/sociaux/travail social/interventions
Nom du programme
Social Work

Procédures de communication

Recruitment and Admissions Office
Trent University

Détails sur le parcours

Modalités du renouvellement ou de l'annulation

The agreement will be reviewed annually, or sooner in the event of major curriculum changes in either partner’s programs. This agreement may be terminated by either party. In this case, notice of one year is required. In the event of termination of the agreement, every effort will be made to ensure that students currently enrolled in the program will not be affected.

Admissibilité au parcours

To qualify for this agreement, students must have:
-Successfully completed Seneca College’s Social Service Worker Diploma program;
-a minimum overall average of 75%.

NOTE: This agreement accepts students into year two of the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program. Students are required to apply for entry into year three of the program in order to continue with the professional years of the BSW program. Students, who are not accepted to the professional years of the BSW program, will be able to choose an alternative major to continue with their university studies. The transfer credits awarded to a student through this agreement will remain with the student in their alternate program of study.

Reconnaissance des crédits

Students commencing studies in the Social Service Worker Diploma program since Fall 2015 will receive the following 6.0 transfer credits:

  • 0.5 SWRK 1000H - Introduction to Social Work
  • 0.5 SWRK 1001H - Introduction to Social Welfare
  • 1.0 SWRK 3000Y - Social Work Field Education Placement
  • 0.5 SOCI 1001H - Introduction to Sociology I: Critical Foundations
  • 0.5 SOCI 1002H - Introduction to Sociology II: Exploring Social Life
  • 0.5 WRIT 1001H - Write in Time
  • 0.5 unassigned Sociology credit at the 1000 level
  • 0.5 unassigned Arts credit at the 1000 level
  • 1.5 unassigned Arts credits at the 2000 level

Students commencing studies in the Social Service Worker Diploma program prior to Fall 2015 are encouraged to contact Trent University for information regarding transfer credits received as part of this articulation agreement.

Refer to the most recent version of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for course descriptions: http://trentu.ca/calendar


Les crédits qui doivent être atteints à l'établissement d'accueil

Credits to be completed upon admission to Trent to be eligible to apply for the Professional Years of the program:

  • 0.5 SWRK 2001H - Skills for the Helping Professions
  • 0.5 SWRK 2004H - Alternative Theories of Human Behaviour in the Social Environment
  • 0.5 credits at the 1000 level or beyond in Humanities and/or Social Sciences and/or Psychology
  • 1.5 credit at the 2000 level or beyond in Humanities and/or Social Sciences and/or Psychology
  • 2.0 credits in addition to the above

Admission requirements for third year or entry into the Professional Years of the BSW program:

  • Successful completion of SWRK 1000H, 1001H, 2001H and 2004H (or equivalent);
  • A minimum grade of 70% in each of the completed Social Work courses;
  • A minimum of 10.0 credits with a minimum cumulative average of 70%;
  • SWRK 3000Y cannot be used to meet the requirements of the general years.

NOTE: Students must follow the third year application process as determined by the Social Work department. Students applying to the professional years of the BSW program will be evaluated on their Trent academic performance only, as all credits transferred are placed on the academic record as pass/fail. More information is available at http://trentu.ca/socialwork/program/admissions-degree-requirements. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor prior to beginning studies at Trent. Degree planning may require the completion of summer courses should students be required to declare an alternate major.

Credits to be completed if admitted into the Professional Years of the program:

Should students be accepted into the Professional Years of the program, they will need to complete an additional 9.0 credits to fulfill departmental degree requirements:​

  • 0.5 SWRK 3001H - Social Work Communication Skills
  • 0.5 SWRK 3002H - Social Work Theory and Practice
  • 0.5 SWRK 3003H - Social Work Research
  • 0.5 SWRK 3004H - Social Work and Indigenous Perspectives
  • 0.5 SWRK 3005H - Diversity, Identity, Social Location and Oppression
  • 0.5 SWRK 3006H - Social Work and Social Policy
  • 0.5 SWRK 3007H - Community Social Work
  • 2.0 SWRK 4000D - Social Work Field Education Placement
  • 0.5 SWRK 4001H - Feminist-Informed Trauma Practice
  • 0.5 SWRK 4002H - Social Work Theory and Practice 2
  • 0.5 SWRK 4005H - Social Work with Groups
  • 0.5 SWRK 4006H - Social Work and Families
  • 1.0 additional Social Work credit at the 3000 level
  • 0.5 elective credit from Social Work or any other Trent program

Degree requirements are subject to change. Refer to the most recent version of the Academic Calendar for course descriptions and degree requirements, which apply to all undergraduate programs. http://trentu.ca/calendar

Horaire normal prévu de la progression des élèves

Three years

Credential (s), à accorder à la réussite de tous les composants requis

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Retour au début

N'oubliez pas que vous devriez toujours passer en revue les renseignements concernant la reconnaissance des crédits par l'établissement avant de faire un choix définitif parmi vos options. Prenez contact avec un conseiller en reconnaissance des crédits si vous avez d'autres questions.