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Pathway ID
Pathway Title
Biotechnology - Advanced to Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) - Medical Laboratory Science
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Sending Institution Information

Sending Institution
Fleming College
Health, Food and Medical, Recreation
Program Area
Pharmaceutical, Medical Laboratory Research/Technologies
Program Title
Biotechnology - Advanced

Receiving Institution Information

Receiving Institution
Ontario Tech University
Health and Medicine
Program Area
Medical Sciences/Technology
Program Title
Bachelor of Health Science (Hons) in Medical Laboratory Science

Contact Procedures

University of Ontario Institute of Technology
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4
T: 905-721-3190
F: 905-721-3178


Pathway Details

Terms for renewal or cancellation

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) will review this transfer pathway periodically, introducing new amendments as appropriate. Any change to this pathway will not affect current students. Students enrolled at UOIT at the time of any change shall be allowed to complete their degree based on the original terms of this transfer pathway.

Eligibility for Pathway

Graduates with a three-year Biotechnology Advanced diploma from Durham College or Fleming College with a minimum mid-70s average, will be considered for admission. Successful applicants will be required to present a comprehensive human Anatomy and Physiology course at the college or university level.
Students will also be required to complete one bridge course listed below with a minimum grade of "B" to continue in the program.
       -MLSC 2140U: MLS Bridge Course - Biotechnology to MLS

Admission is competitive. The specific average or standing required for admission varies from year to year. Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications.

Credit transfer

Accepted students will receive a block of 39 transfer credit hours toward the 120 credit hours required for a UOIT degree.
The following transfer credits towards the UOIT program will be granted:
BIOL 1010U - Biology I;
CHEM 1010U - Chemistry I;
CHEM 1020U - Chemistry II;
MATH 1880U - Mathematical Modelling for Health Sciences;
CHEM 2130U - Analytical Chemistry for Biosciences;
HLSC 1200U – Anatomy and Physiology I*
HLSC 1201U – Anatomy and Physiology II*
HLSC 1701U - Academic Writing: Perspectives in Health;
MLSC 2130U - Foundations in Clinical Microbiology and Immunology;
HLSC 2110U - Foundations in Clinical and Exercise Biochemistry;
MLSC 3141U - Molecular Techniques and Complementary Technologies;
UNSP 1XXX - Unspecified credit; and
UNSP 1XXX - Unspecified credit.

*These transfer credits are granted based on successful completion of a pre-approved comprehensive human anatomy and physiology course(s).

Credits that must be achieved at the receiving institution

27 courses (81 credits) must be completed at UOIT:
   -one bridge course (3 credit hours); and
   -26 additional courses (78 credit hours) containing a combination of core health science and elective courses.
For detailed course and degree information consult the most recent version of UOIT's Academic Calendar.


Anticipated normal schedule of student progression

Six academic semesters (completed in three years) containing a combination of core Health Science and elective courses (81 credits). For detailed course and degree information consult the most recent version of UOIT's Academic Calendar.

Credential(s) to be granted on successful completion of all required components

Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) - Medical Laboratory Science

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