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Pathway Title
Chemical Engineering Technologist to Bachelor of Science (Honours), Chemistry
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Sending Institution Information

Sending Institution
Loyalist College
Science and Engineering Technology
Program Area
Biology/Bioinformatics/Chemistry/Chemical Technology/Laboratory Technology
Program Title
Chemical Engineering Technologist

Receiving Institution Information

Receiving Institution
Trent University
Science and Technology
Program Area
Core Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)
Program Title

Contact Procedures

​Recruitment and Admissions Office
Trent University

Pathway Details

Terms for renewal or cancellation

The agreement will be reviewed annually, or sooner in the event of major curriculum changes in either partner’s programs. This agreement may be terminated by either party. In this case, notice of one year is required. In the event of termination of the agreement, every effort will be made to ensure that students currently enrolled in the program will not be affected.

Eligibility for Pathway

To qualify for this agreement, students must have:
- successfully completed Loyalist College's Chemical Engineering Technologist Advanced Diploma program;
- a minimum overall average of 75%.

Credit transfer

Students will be granted 10.0 credits, including:

  • 0.5 CHEM 1000H - Introductory Chemistry I
  • 0.5 CHEM 1010H - Introductory Chemistry II
  • 0.5 CHEM 2100H - Introductory Organic Chemistry I
  • 0.5 CHEM 2110H - Introductory Organic Chemistry II
  • 0.5 CHEM-BIOL 2300H - Biochemical Concepts
  • 0.5 CHEM 2400H - Analytical Chemistry
  • 0.5 CHEM-ERSC 3400H - Chromatography
  • 0.5 CHEM 3410H - Methods of Spectral Analysis
  • 0.5 BIOL 1030H - Foundations of Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • 1.0 unassigned Chemistry credit at the 2000 level
  • 0.5 unassigned Math credit at the 1000 level
  • 2.0 unassigned Science credits at the 1000 level
  • 2.0 unassigned Science credits at the 2000 level

Refer to the most recent version of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for course descriptions:

Credits that must be achieved at the receiving institution

  • 0.5 CHEM 2200H - Transition Metal Chemistry
  • 0.5 CHEM 2500H - Elements of Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Reaction Kinetics
  • 0.5 CHEM 3200H - Chemistry of the Main-Group Elements
  • 0.5 CHEM 3520H - Elements of Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics
  • 1.5 Chemistry credits at the 3000 level or beyond in addition to the above
  • 3.0 Chemistry credits at the 4000 level, including at least 1.5 credits in lecture courses
  • 1.0 Science credit at the 4000 level or 1.0 additional Chemistry credit at the 3000 level or above
  • PHYS 1001H - Introductory Physics I
  • PHYS 1002H - Introductory Physics II
  • 1.0 Math credit from the following:
    • 0.5 MATH 1110H - Calculus I: Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals; and 0.5 MATH 1120H - Calculus II: Integrals and Series; or
    • 0.5 MATH 1005H - Applied Calculus; and one of MATH 1350H - Linear Algebra I: Matrix Algebra or MATH 1550H - Probability I: Introduction to Probability
  • 0.5 credit from the Approved Indigenous Course List

Degree requirements are subject to change. Refer to the most recent version of the Academic Calendar for course descriptions and degree requirements, which apply to all undergraduate programs.

Anticipated normal schedule of student progression

Two years

Credential(s) to be granted on successful completion of all required components

Bachelor of Science (Honours), Chemistry

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