Credit Transfer in Ontario

What is Transfer Credit?

Transfer credit refers to courses taken at one institution that are credited toward a degree or diploma at another institution. Transferring courses is essentially dependent on the degree of similarity between one course and another and/or how the course being transferred applies to the requirements of the new program. Because credit for courses taken at another institution will be dependent on the program a student is taking, changes to the student's major or program that occur after credits have been transferred could affect how those credits are applied.

Transfer credit may also be expressed as a block of credit rather than as specific courses. This usually occurs when a group of courses taken at a sending institution is equivalent to a group of courses required at the receiving institution. Block or program transfer is usually granted when a graduate of a program wishes to transfer credits to another program that is closely related in content, for example a diploma in Accounting to an advanced diploma or degree in Accounting. The receiving institution may list the courses in the block of credit or may simply specify entry to a specific year of the program.

Credit for courses or programs taken at another institution will be dependent on the student having achieved a minimum grade in the course or a minimum overall grade point average in the program. There may also be a requirement for the student to complete specific bridge courses with a minimum grade. Details of these requirements are listed in the transfer pathways.

When a course or program was completed may also affect credit transfer decisions. Some subject and program areas have shorter time frames for credit recognition than others to ensure that the curriculum studied is consistent with current expectations. Transfer pathways and policies will include any limitations on when courses were completed.

Finally, all institutions have residency policies that require a student to complete a minimum amount of credit at the school in order to receive a degree or diploma. Students may encounter limits on the amount of credit that can be transferred because they have completed more than the maximum number of courses that can be applied at the receiving institution.

Transfer Policies and Advisors

Each college and university in Ontario has its own transfer policy. Although there may be similarities between them, the policy at one institution will not necessarily be the same at another. Students should be sure to consult the transfer policy at the college or university they wish to attend and also consult the institution's transfer advisor.